Bundle: Austrian School


Murray Rothbard, Friedrich A. Hayek and Ludwig von Mises


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Embark on a profound intellectual journey with our “Austrian School” book bundle, featuring seminal works by some of the most influential thinkers in the fields of economics and political philosophy. This curated collection provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of the principles that underpin the concept of liberty, offering timeless insights that continue to shape modern discourse.

  1. “The Ethics of Liberty” by Murray Rothbard: Delve into Murray Rothbard’s groundbreaking work as he explores the ethical foundations of liberty. Rothbard presents a compelling argument for individual rights, property rights, and the non-aggression principle, laying the groundwork for a society based on voluntary interactions and free-market principles.
  2. “The Constitution of Liberty” by Friedrich A. Hayek: Friedrich A. Hayek, a Nobel laureate in economics, presents a masterful exploration of the relationship between liberty, the rule of law, and limited government. In “The Constitution of Liberty,” Hayek passionately defends individual freedom, arguing for the importance of spontaneous order and the dangers of centralized planning.
  3. “Human Action: A Treatise on Economics” by Ludwig von Mises: Ludwig von Mises, a towering figure in the Austrian School of Economics, lays out the fundamentals of economic theory in “Human Action.” Mises explores the concept of human purposeful action, demonstrating the interconnectedness of economic phenomena and individual choices, providing a robust defense of the free-market system.
  4. “Man, Economy, and State” by Murray Rothbard: In “Man, Economy, and State,” Murray Rothbard expands upon his earlier work, offering a comprehensive treatise on economics and the role of the state. Rothbard explores the intricacies of economic theory, examining the market as a system of voluntary exchanges and challenging the conventional wisdom on government intervention.

This carefully curated book bundle serves as an intellectual guide, offering readers a deep and nuanced understanding of the principles that form the bedrock of a free and prosperous society. Whether you are a student of economics, a political philosopher, or a curious mind seeking profound insights, “Foundations of Liberty” is an essential collection that transcends time, sparking contemplation and inspiring critical thought on the enduring principles of liberty.


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